The Daily Boost aims to encourage children and young people to do 15 minutes of organised activity at school every day, benefiting their long-term physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Daily Boost
Children playing sport
Children Running

The Daily Boost

The Daily Boost offers a flexible, evidence-based approach for children and young people in school to increase activity and meet the guidance for an improvement in their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

As pupils return to a very different school environment, the Daily Boost is a perfect opportunity to engage all children and young people in regular physical activity, whilst still adhering to the Government's and your own School's COVID-19 guidelines.

The 15 minutes of activity can be anything! Walk, run, skip, hop, dance, or simply do their favourite sport or activity that gets them active.

The activity can be before school starts, at lunchtime, after-school, or during the school day in an 'active lesson'.

The Daily Boost is free* and Schools will receive resources, rewards and access to log your activity for the Boost Tracker!

It's so simple to get involved!

*Due to funding there is a small charge for Leicester City and Rutland Schools.

*Daily Boost Spring Term Prize Draw Winners*

Our Spring Term School winners will be announced shortly & they will have won either a £50 or £100 Sports equipment voucher 😍 !!

  • New School: Any NEW School that registers with the Daily Boost between 8th-26th March.
  • Twitter: Any School that shares 'Skip Into Spring' or any Daily Boost activity with @DailyBoost_LRS on Twitter between 8th-26th March.
  • Boost Tracker: All Schools that uploads to the Boost Tracker/provides us with their Daily Boost participation figures for the Spring Term.

Terms & Conditions

The vouchers will be from Davies Sports, where you can purchase from a wide range of Sports equipment for your School. The prize draws will be held during w/c 12th April. Winners will be notified by email. A 'New' School is defined as a new Leicestershire, Leicester or Rutland based School that registers with the Daily Boost via the website for the first time (that does not already appear on the Boost Tracker). Daily Boost participation figures can be submitted online via the Boost Tracker or submitting the classroom/digital wallcharts / Skip into Spring Scorecards via email or post.

Winning School will be listed on our website and promoted via social media.