Daily Boost At Home

Daily Boost December at Home Challenge🎄

Following on from our school based Daily Boost Challenge (1st - 18th December), we are giving you the opportunity to continue your physical activity challenges at home over the Christmas break!

This means you can continue to get into the Christmas spirit and improve your health and wellbeing by taking part and keeping track of the number of minutes you spend being active while you are off school over the festive period.

The Challenge is mainly for fun, however if you can achieve 250 minutes of activity we have Boost Bands at the ready to send to you!

You can choose to do ANY activity at ANY time of the day - just join the challenge to get involved and record your minutes every time you are active over Christmas.

The deadline for final submissions is 11pm on Sunday 3rd Jan 2021.



Zoom has created a Christmas Themed Activity sheet for you to use!

You can print it off and cut them out, perhaps stick on some card to make them stronger and then do a random selection to create your Mini Boost.

We have also provided a template for a cube, cut this out and attach to card to make this stronger and then you could attach the activities of your choice and then throw like a dice to create your unique " Mini Boost "session!

Zoom our Daily Boost Mascot has created some videos to show you the moves that appear on our Christmas themed Activity card. There are lots of other ideas to be found in our Boost resources also.

Zoom's Christmas Boost Videos

1. Rocket Blast's

  • Stretch your arms as wide as you can, one to the sky and the other to the floor and tap your foot
  • Change sides and see if you can reach even further
  • Add a jump in between to lift off!

2. Ice Skidding

  • Imagine you are running on ice
  • Start slow and steady
  • Gradually build up your speed to see how fast you can go

3. Snow Boot Pull Ups

  • Imagine you are pulling on your boots ready to play out in the snow.
  • Flex your toes as you pull up as high as you can
  • Stand up tall between each move.

4. Star Point Jumps

  • Imagine a star on the floor
  • Try and jump to each point of the star
  • Remember to bend your knees as you land

5. Slalom Skiing

  • Imagine you are at the top of the hill, you have on your skis and your ski poles in each hand
  • See how quickly you can get to the bottom zig zagging side to side to miss the trees.
  • Keep your feet together and your tummy pulled in.
  • Remember to use your ski poles to give you more power

6. Tinsel Tug

  • What is your favourite colour tinsel?
  • Imagine you are pulling it out of Santa's sack
  • You can pull really slow... OR really fast

7. Rocket Gliders

  • Get Ready to fly to Lapland
  • Use your arms like propellers to get you off the ground
  • Start with small slow circle movements and then see if you can make the bigger.
  • Soar through the sky from side to side

8. Snow Scoop Shuffle

  • Its Christmas Eve and the snow has been falling
  • Make sure you clear the way for Santa
  • Sweep the snow again with big movements in both directions, clearing the path to your door

9. Penguin Waddle

  • Have you got Happy Feet?
  • Stand up nice and tall, arms by your side like penguin wings
  • Keep your heels together and waddle like a penguin.
  • Or what about another animal, bird ??

10. Reindeer Gallop

  • Who is your favourite Reindeer?
  • Imagine you are leaping through the air or galloping through the snow pulling Santa's sleigh
  • You can go slow or really fast and earn your Christmas carrot

11. Angel Wing Jumps

  • Jump in the air and spread your wings
  • How many can you do? How high can you jump?
  • Watch out, don't lose your halo!!

12. Snowball Throws

  • Zoom loves a SnowBall fight, how about you?
  • Make your imaginary snowball and see how far you can throw them
  • Remember to dodge any snowballs coming your way

Logging your activity!

You can record your activity via the Christmas Scorecard or via the Virtual Together app.

The Virtual Together app provides an easy, on-the-go method to log your Daily Boost activity! Please submit your minutes in the App in multiples of 5 minutes (IE: 5 minutes = a Mini Boost and 15 minutes = a Daily Boost).

See the attached step-by-step guide on registering with the app, joining the Daily Boost December At Home Challenge, and logging your activity.

During the Summer of 2020 we ran the Daily Boost Summer Challenge, which offered a great opportunity for children to take part in some FUN activities during the school holidays. They were able to complete our fun interactive scorecard on a weekly basis and achieve each of the Daily Boost milestones of 250, 500, 750, 1000 minutes of activity.

Take a look at the sub-pages below for ideas on how you can complete your Daily Boosts at Home!

For more information please contact:

Anita Bird

Anita Bird

Assistant Sport Development Officer

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

  • Daily Boost
  • Active Lives Survey for Children & Young People
  • Primary PE & Sport Premium

Please note that I work part-time, Monday-Thursday.

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