The Daily Boost

What is the Daily Boost?

Pupils are experiencing a very different school environment at the moment, and the Daily Boost is a perfect opportunity to engage all children and young people in regular physical activity, whilst still adhering to the Government's and your own School's COVID-19 guidelines.

Children and young people should aim to be active for an average of 60 minutes per day and move at a level that increases their breathing and heart rate. This can include all forms of activity, such as Physical Education, active travel, after-school activities and active lessons. 30 minutes of their daily target can and should be achieved at school - the Daily Boost is here to help! It's so easy to get involved, and it's FREE*!

The Daily Boost offers a flexible, evidence-based approach for children and young people in school to increase activity with a varied approach to meet the needs of each school and their pupils.

The Daily Boost aims to encourage children and young people to do 15 minutes of organised activity at school every day, benefiting their long-term physical and mental health and wellbeing.

This could be before school starts, at lunchtime, after-school, or during the school day in an 'active lesson'. Children and young people could walk, run, skip, hop or jump around a set lap or loop at school. Or simply do their favourite sport or activity/game that gets them active – dancing, cycling, scooting, anything!

A Daily Boost is 15 minutes of structured activity, or take part in a Mini Boost of 5 minutes, in the classroom or a small space i.e. Brain Gym.

Mini Boosts are a great way to introduce short bursts of activity to break up the school day, no matter what the weather and how much space you have.

3 x Mini Boost = A Daily Boost!

How to get involved

  1. Simply register your School here and complete your School Profile.
  2. You will receive a welcome email with information of support available.
  3. Plan which class/classes will be taking part and what activities they wish to do. Let us know and we will provide resources to you. For ideas visit our Boost Resource section.
  4. Use the provided Classroom Wallchart, Digital Wallchart or Class Scorecard for Teachers to record pupil involvement in Daily Boosts/Mini Boosts. You can also provide each pupil with their own scorecard for a more interactive approach, this could be used for monitoring or just for fun.
  5. At the end of each term, upload/submit your class and School totals for the Boost Tracker!

You'll receive Boost Bands, Certificates and the chance to book an Assembly Presentation to celebrate with Zoom the Daily Boost Mascot! You'll appear on the Boost Tracker and your School could receive one of the Daily Boost annual awards!

The Boost Bands will be sent to you for each milestone a pupil achieves - 250, 500, 750 and 1,000 minutes!

The Daily Boost is free* and all schools will receive resources and rewards and access to this website to log all activity on the Boost Tracker!

Please note some sections of the website (Wallcharts & Certificates and Challenges) have restricted access and are only viewable to Schools that have registered to take part in the Daily Boost.

Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport are working in partnership with Leicestershire County Council to deliver the Daily Boost. The Daily Boost has been funded by Leicestershire County Council's Public Health Department.

*Due to funding, the Daily Boost is free for Leicestershire schools and early years settings, with a small charge for Leicester City and Rutland Schools.


We have a NEW Challenge coming! Our 'Skip Into Spring' Challenge will run from 22nd Feb - 19th March!!

With Lockdown 3 being extended we continue to provide you with our themed challenges to encourage your pupils to be active whether they are in school or at home.

Our Challenges offer a great opportunity to introduce, re-launch or carry on the Daily Boost programme at your school or simply try out our new "Mini Boost" resources and boost your schools' position on the Daily Boost Tracker!

You can choose to do ANY activity at ANY time of the day to suit the needs of your class pupils, classroom, and teacher.

These Challenges are open to Schools registered with the Daily Boost and provide exclusive resources and ideas of how to get involved, alongside receiving Daily Boost certificates and boost bands by taking part.

The 'Challenges' section of the website has restricted access and is only viewable to Schools that have registered to take part in the Daily Boost, so make sure you sign-up so you can get involved. If your School is registered and you want more staff to be able to access the Challenges section, please contact Anita at

For more information or support please contact:

Anita Bird

Anita Bird

Assistant Sport Development Officer

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Please note that I work part-time, Monday-Thursday.

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