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Team Leicestershire Football

School Sport Association Lead: Steve Abson

Email: s.abson@btopenworld.com

The 2017-18 Team Leicestershire Football Competitions will be:
Boys Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10, Y11, U19
Girls Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10/11, U19.
Girls Futsal - Yr 7, 8/9 and 10/11

About Team Leicestershire Football

The photographs from the Team Leicestershire Finals are available to view on our Facebook page. Make sure to keep up with all the action over the coming months through our Twitter - @LR_Sport, Instagram - @lr_sport_ and Snapchat - lr_sport using #TeamLeicestershire.

Boys Football

The Boys Year 7,8,9,10 and 11 Prelim, QF, SF pathways and Finalists can be found on the below links.

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/914 - Year 7

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/915 - Year 8

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/916 - Year 9

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/917 - Year 10

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/918 - Year 11

Boys Under 19 Football

To track the progress and see who is in the U19 Boys Football competition please click the following linkhttps://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/878#teams

Girls Football

The Girls Year 7, 8/9, and 10/11 pathways and Finalists can be found on the below links.

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/1186 - Year 7

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/921 - Year 8/9

https://www.teamleicestershire.org/competitions/922 - Year 10/11

Girls Futsal

Year 7 Finals

Full Write up at - https://www.lrsport.org/news/2018/02/leicester-riders-got-the-school-games-primary-sportshall-years-56-underway1

Year 8/9 Finals

Full Write up at - https://www.lrsport.org/news/2018/02/leicester-riders-got-the-school-games-primary-sportshall-years-56-underway11

Year 10/11 Finals

Full Write up at - https://www.lrsport.org/news/2018/02/leicester-riders-got-the-school-games-primary-sportshall-years-56-underway111

Team Leicestershire Results 2017/18


1st Place

2nd Place

Year 7 Girls

Countesthorpe leysland CC (2)

Market Bosworth School (1)

Year 8/9 Girls

Brookvale Groby (5)

Belvoir Priory Academy (1)

Year 10/11 Girls

BrookBale Groby (4)

Ashby School (2)

U19 Girls

Beauchamp College


Year 7 Boys

South Charnwood HS (3)

The Kibworth School (1)

Year 8 Boys

Brookvale High School (2)

St Paul's Catholic School (0)

Year 9 Boys

Woodbrook Vale Sschool (5)

Wigston Academy (2)

Year 10 Boys

King Edward VII S&SC (6)

Thomas Estley CC (5)

Year 11 Boys

Brookvale Groby (1)

Belvoir High School (0)

U19 Boys

Gateway College (4)

Brookhouse College (0)